The Maine Event

The wilderness of northern Maine one of the best places in the country for upland hunting. Grouse, woodcock and snowshoe hare abound here and there are very few other hunters in the mountains along the northern boundary of the Appalachian trail. It’s also a great place to take a big bull moose or a bear. 

Last year Ben Gettinger and I hunted with Wayne Plummer of Northern Pride Lodge in Kokadjo. Maine is pretty any time of the year but in the fall it is truly breathtaking. We flew into Bangor, one of the most beautiful towns in New England. From there we headed north, traveling through the Maine countryside toward Kokadjo. My favorite part of my drive might have been the sign in a gas station window that read, “Fresh caught lobster and ammo”. Now that’s my kind of place.

Benny and I enjoyed a fantastic hunt with Wayne and his team. Bear season had ended and Wayne was enjoying a little time off himself. Grouse were thick and we had our first bird by sundown on the day of our arrival. Good shot, Benny.

Wayne’s beagles did the best they could to drive hares through the heavy Maine forests but the wind was heavy and conditions were bad. We did get our hare, though. We also shot a couple more grouse and a woodcock. 

After our long days in the big timber we enjoyed sitting by the fire in the lodge and some fantastic meals while we stayed with the Plummers. Wayne does a fantastic job and if you want to enjoy a great hunt in the northwoods of Maine you need to check out his website at To see the article about this hunt check out the 2012 Petersen’s Hunting Annual which is on sale now.

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Testing Browning's new Maxus at Winghaven Lodge in Providence, Kentucky