Syren Gets Serious About Female Shooters

Women are the fastest growing market for hunting and shooting products, and companies are starting to understand that the old concept of “shrink it and pink it” doesn’t apply to today’s serious female shooters. Syren, a division of Italian shotgun maker Caesar Guerini, has gone beyond the simple aesthetic changes and has designed a shotgun from the ground up with women in mind. The new Syren line includes the Tempio, Magnus, and ELOS field over/unders, the Fabarm-inspired XLR5 Waterfowler semiauto, and a full line of devoted sporting shotguns that give women a serious edge on the clays course. For the last five centuries, shotguns have been designed and built to fit men, and rather than embarking on a total redesign companies have, until recently, just chopped stocks to shorten length of pull for women shooters. The Syren guns, though, have stocks that are built to conform to a woman’s frame. That means that initial stock designs were completed in conjunction with some of the top female shooters in the industry. The results have been impressive; Syren has introduced more new models for 2015, and the demand continues to rise. For more information visit

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