CZ and CT

Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro (8)

Recently, I had a chance to travel to the Crimson Trace factory near Portland, Oregon and test some of their products on their indoor range. I was comparing guns with and without lasers, shooting defensive targets from eleven to twenty feet, when the team at Crimson Trace threw me a curve ball. They dropped the lights.

With the lights down, Crimson Trace’s new Rail Master Pro, with its light and laser combo, made it possible to shoot accurately even in very poor light. We all live under the assumption that if we have to use lethal force to save our lives it will happen in full daylight. That’s when we practice, and that’s what we expect. But the truth is that dangerous encounters happen in all light conditions, and if you’re serious about defending your life you need to give yourself every advantage possible.

One shooting session in poor light is enough to convince you that you need a light and laser if you’re serious about surviving a deadly encounter. After the session, I mounted my own Rail Master Pro on CZ-s new P-09 semiautomatic 9mm. The P-09 follows in the footsteps of CZ’s other guns in that the slide actually fits inside the rails of the frame rather than over the top. It’s a hammer-fired double-action pistol with a convertible decocker/safety, a polymer frame with interchangeable back straps, Tritium night sights, and a hefty 19 round capacity, all with a magazine capacity of 19 rounds. MSRP is $596 (

The CZ/CT combo has proven to be very effective. The gun is well-balanced and very accurate, and the Rail Master Pro makes it possible to shoot accurately in any light conditions. MSRP for the Rail Master Pro ranges from $279 to $379, and I think it’s money very well spent ( With the Rail Master Pro in place, the CZ is a fantastic home defense gun, accurate and reliable with the added security of knowing that you can light up the fight.