The Best Handguns for Beginning Carry

In this month’s issue of Handguns Magazine, I examine ten of the best handguns for beginners. With millions of new gun owners and concealed carry permit holders, there is a huge market for compact firearms. It’s difficult to say which one is right for you, and, like the style of car you drive and your haircut, it’s largely a matter of personal taste. Be wary of anyone who knows “the perfect gun for you” and take the time to find out which guns suit your needs. One of the very best places to do this is the NRA Convention, which happens to be in Indianapolis next week. You won’t be able to buy a gun, but you’ll have the opportunity to look at, pick up, and hold (none of the guns have firing pins) dozens of different guns and get expert advice from professionals in the field.

          I go into much more detail in the Handguns article, but if you’re a rookie gun owner I’ll give you two pieces of advice; find a gun that suits you, and practice often. Revolvers are, as a general rule, simpler to operate than semiautos, and many people purchase a compact revolver for concealed carry. Maybe it’s the right choice for you, maybe not, but you’ll need to try out (that means shoot, if possible) several different firearms. The second piece of advice I’d give is that you need to practice with your gun until you are proficient. Buying a gun for self defense and never practicing with it is useless, and it provides a false sense of security. If you’d only driven a car once or twice in your life how difficult do you think it would be to navigate icy roads on the freeway at rush hour? It would be almost impossible, in part because you don’t have the experience and also because your mind will be so focused on the danger that you won’t be able to think about driving. You need practice so that you can handle that type of situation, and you need to be comfortable with your vehicle if you want to have any chance of getting home alive. The same goes for a concealed firearm.

          Be safe, find a gun that suits you, and shoot often. If you’re a newbie, that should be your creed. And, believe it or not, when you find a gun with which you are comfortable and you learn to use it safely and effectively, shooting is a lot of fun.

          For more information about concealed carry for beginners check out Handguns Magazine at  Image