A Safe Investment


Many firearms owners keep their guns in a fireproof safe, but more and more often these safes are being used to protect other valuables as well. Photos, birth certificates, checks, memorabilia, and jewelry are all being protected by safes originally designed for firearms. Whether you own a gun or not, these safes are a sound investment. Insurance may cover the value of lost items in a fire or burglary, but chances are the items you’ve lost are gone forever. In addition, firearms owners have a responsibility to keep guns secure, and there are very few places as secure as the interior of a quality gun safe. Good quality gun safes aren’t cheap and they certainly aren’t light but they offer substantial peace of mind. Want added security? With many of today’s safes you can bolt them directly to the concrete floor, insuring that no one is carting your valuables out any time soon. Don’t take chances with your guns or your other valuables. For more information about gun safes check out my article in the latest issue of Game and Fish magazine. Photo courtesy of Cannon Safe. Visit www.cannonsafe.com