New Book: Morning Shadows, Evening Sun

Namibia has become  a model for the conservation of African wildlife, and hunters have played a vital role in the effort to preserve Namibian game species. My latest book, Morning Shadows, Evening Sun, recounts stories from some of Namibia’s most famous PHs including Bijorn Le Roux, Cornie Coetzee, Jofie Lamprecht, Marina and Joof Lamprecht, Jacques Strauss, Karl Stumpfe and others. These stories read like fiction, but each one is real; a PH and his client pursue cattle killing lions that are terrorizing a village and then slipping back across the border into Botswana, a hippo tries to overturn a boat on the Kwando River, a deadly boomslang traps hunters in an elevated blind, and one hunter has to fight for his life against an enraged leopard. With thirty-two chapters and over a hundred photos from some of the top PHs in the business, many of them never before seen, Morning Shadows, Evening Sun takes a close look at the dangerous life of a safari professional. The first 500 books will be signed, numbered, slipcased limited edition prints.

The inspiration from this book came from a phone conversation I had with Patrick Hemingway, son of writer Ernest Hemingway. Patrick, a professional hunter for years in Kenya, had many fabulous stories of his time serving as a bwana in colonial East Africa. Today, Kenya’s hunting is closed, and the nation’s wildlife has struggled since the funding and jobs generated by sport hunting have vanished, and all the tales of the great PHs are lost forever. Today, Namibia is a top African destination, and I wanted to be sure that the stories of Namibia’s pioneering PHs were preserved. Along the way, I’ve met some fabulous people and I’ve had the opportunity to learn why Namibia is a destination so many travelers fall in love with and why they keep returning to this country time and time again.

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