Valley of the Kings


     Very few people outside of central Utah are familiar with the story of the Fremont people, a nomadic group of hunters that traveled along the dry river courses and rocky hills of the high plains. This group of first nations people eked out a living in this desolate region by catching fish and hunting small game, particularly birds. The Fremonts disappeared over a thousand years ago, but their petroglyphs still depict their pursuit of upland birds in the valley that was the epicenter of their world, the Valley of the Castles.

     Today, the Castle Valley is still a bird hunting hot spot, but today’s hunter will find far nicer accommodations than those that met the Fremonts. Castle Valley Outdoors was the host for our hunt, and against the backdrop of some of the West’s most beautiful country photographer Ben Gettinger and I hunted pheasant, chukar and quail with ranch manager Jim Fauver. The lodge itself is breathtaking, the scenery is amazing and the bird hunting is fantastic. I’ll be sharing the details of my hunt in an upcoming feature in Shooting Sportsman Magazine. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a wingshooting destination that stands apart contact Castle Valley Outdoors and see why bird hunters have been drawn to this place for a thousand years.