Big Bore Basics

Close Quarters

I’m probably one of the few people who genuinely enjoys shooting big bores rifles. They have a look, a feel, a history that you don’t find in any other gun. Sure, they shake the earth when you fire them, they hit hard on both ends and they cost a lot to build and shoot. But for the true purist there’s nothing quite like a well-built dangerous game gun.

If you’ve ever dreamed of shooting a big bore like the Heym .500 Nitro Express above then you’d better plan on forking over some serious cash and waiting to have one of these rifles built to your specs (Heym takes ten measurements to build the stock to your exact dimensions). Or  you could attend Monty Kalogera’s Safari Shooting School in Mason, Texas. Whether Africa is a far-off dream of yours or you’ve already booked your safari, I can’t recommend Monty’s school enough. Maybe your goal is have a pair of big teeth to set by the fireplace or perhaps you simply want to see how you would fare if you faced one of the world’s most dangerous game animals. In either case Monty’s school is a wonderful place to learn all you need or want to know about shooting big bores rifles. And the best part is that if you screw up no one gets run over, gored, trampled or mauled! Got someone in the family who has dreamed of an African safari but can’t afford it? Send them to Texas.

I get a chance to travel to many different shooting schools and I meet some great people. However, Monty’s school is something that I’d attend again and again, if for no other reason to see how I fare in dangerous situations (without the risk or expense) and to hold on to one of the world’s finest firearms as you give a charging elephant the one-two punch that made double rifles famous.

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