America’s Resort

If you’ve never been to the Greenbrier Resort it’s hard to explain what you are missing. The resort is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been but it is the service that sets this place apart. The level of personal attention at the Greenbrier is extrordinary and I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a weekend here at least once. Stay longer if you can.

Established in 1778, the Greenbrier has hosted 26 presidents, countless foreign dignitaries and many celebrities. So, you are probably asking yourself how on earth I managed to get in the door. Fair enough. The Greenbrier is home to one of the nation’s finest sporting clays courses and I had a chance to test it out thanks to Lynn Swann who provided me with a free round with expert instructor Curtis Kincaid. Mark Hayes and I spent a day walking through the British Shooting School-designed course, shooting at the various stations designed to test the skill of even the most experienced shotgunner. The results will be the subject of several upcoming articles.

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