Chevrolet Silverado HD

At the recent EPIC Game Fair in Atlanta I had an opportunity to test Chevrolet’s Silverado HD pickup with the 6.6 Duramax diesel and Allison transmission at the Foxhall Resort off-road course. The big Chevy impessed me immediately with its smooth transmission, comfortable ride and quietness. But the Silverado really got a chance to shine when I pulled off the paved road and flipped the truck into 4WD. The  sloppy, greasy Georgia clay was a challenge but the Silverado had no problems crawling up steep inclines and negotiating the awful ruts. The truck never strained as it went through the difficult terrain and the backup camera made turning simple. The Silverado proves it is possible for a capable HD truck built for hauling heavy loads to be comfortable and competent on the road and in the slop. If you are looking for a big truck for hunting, off-roading, toy hauling or any other hard job I recommend you check out Chevy’s impressive Silverado.

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