EPIC Success

Brad with Shooting Sportsman editor Ralph Stuart

 2011 was the first year for SCI and Quail Unlimited’s EPIC Game Fair in Douglasville, Georgia. This show brought together vendors, editors and writers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the country. Event attendees had a chance to live out their outdoor dreams all in one place. Beretta was allowing people of all skill levels to try out their shotguns on the new sporting clays course. Chevrolet was offering up their outstanding line of new cars for test drives both on and off the road. Hunting outfitters from around the world were present to talk about your next great outdoor adventure. Participants also had a chance to try archery, horseback riding, canoeing and a variety of other outdoor pursuits with the best trainers in the business. In addition, Aaron Tippin provided the entertainment on Sunday night. If you missed this year’s Game Fair be sure to check out next year’s event. There’s nothing else like it!

New Suit

Hunting Quail at Winghaven Lodge with George Gans' Purdey. Photo by Benny Gettinger

 In 1814 James Purdey began building fine side-by-side shotguns at his shop in downtown London. The attention to detail, build quality and unrivaled beauty of Purdey’s guns set them apart and drew the attention of such notables as Queen Victoria who, in 1838, bought her first Purdey guns. Since that time Purdey has built guns for an impressive list of exclusive customers including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Prince Philip and the Duke of Edinburgh. Purdeys are built with hand selected walnut stocks and are delicately hand-engraved and accented with real gold inlays. Getting to see one is a treat. getting to shoot one is a dream.

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to hunt with a Purdey on my last trip to Winghaven Lodge in Kentucky. Photographer Ben Gettinger and I traveled to Winghaven for an article and met George Gans. Gans is a businessman, an accomplished sailor, world traveler, storyteller and avid wingshooter. He brought along his 20 gauge Purdey side-by-side and carried it while we hunted quail over pointers on Winghaven’s vast acreage. George even offered to trade guns and let me carry the Purdey. 

Purdey’s are built new to customer specifications and George’s gun fit him like a tailored suit. It fit me well enough that I managed to take a few birds with the Purdey, an experience I’ll never forget. For more information about Purdey and Winghaven visit the websites below.



CZ’s New Carbine


Testing the new CZ on the range. Accuracy was fantastic.

 CZ rifles have earned a solid reputation with hunters and shooters around the world. They are a favorite of African professional hunters who put their lives on the line against the world’s largest and most dangerous game. The feature-loaded CZ 550 rifle is a great buy (even if you don’t need the big Safari Express or face rhinos, lions and elephant every day). The CZ 550 comes with a full-length bedding block, a set trigger and a Mauser action. The new Carbine has all the same features that comes standard on the sporter model but the Carbine has a short (20.5 inch) barrel. It’s a great woods rifle and works very well out of a treestand. And, like all other CZs, it is rugged and deadly accurate. The article will appear in an upcoming issue of Rifle Shooter magazine. For more information about CZ visit their website at www.cz-usa.com.